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Hamburg Trip - March 2009

Hamburg Trip - March 2009

On 11 March 2008 at 23:00, a double-decker coach decorated with yellow and red flags got on the way from N16. Four members of our Board, Mehmet Mimoğlu, Metin Arslan, Faruk Zabcı, and Yusuf Kılınç, and sixty eight members were on board the bus..

As with the Bordeaux trip, even though it was the first time many of our members met, with the spirit of the Galatasaray community, everyone got on fantastically. Under the leadership of the Board, the whole journey had a highly positive ambiance.

We crossed the channel with a ferry from Dover to Calais, then headed towards Hamburg. During the trip we watched Galatasaray’s unforgettable games and the road to the 2000 UEFA Cup and Super Cup victories. Following a sixteen-hour trip, we arrived at Hamburg at 16:00 local time. Outside the stadium we met up with our members who made their own way there. One hundred of our members watched the game with great excitement, standing up for the full 90 minutes and chanting Galatasaray songs. All of us were mystified by the atmosphere of Hamburg’s stadium.

Following the 1-1 draw, we gathered at 21:00 and got on the return journey. We arrived in London on Friday 13 March at 12:00. During the trip everyone agreed that the 1-1 score line should be enough to go through to the next round.

Hamburg 05

Hamburg 022

Hamburg 04
Hamburg 06


Hamburg 033

Hamburg 01


Hamburg 01 Hamburg 033 Hamburg 022 Hamburg 06 Hamburg 05 Hamburg 04

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