• Founded in 2009, Galatasaray Supporters Association UK was set up to be uniting platform for the supporters of Galatasaray in the United Kingdom.

Mission Statement

    • - To gather all the proud supporters of our beloved Galatasaray under an institutional umbrella.
    • - To ensure that networking, friendship, and support between Galatasaray supporters in the UK always remain strong.
    • - Organise trips to Galatasaray matches, especially European games.
    • - Work on financial and social projects to support Galatasaray A.Ş.
    • - With the view of achieving the above, organise the events.
    • Participate in events hosted by Galatasaray A.Ş.

A message from the Club’s Chairman

We are Galatasaray!


Wherever Galatasaray is, there is hope.


The presence of Galatasaray's name in London, the social, cultural and financial centre of the world, not only gives us hope but also power.


In this sense, as per the principles of Galatasaray, our relationship with our fan associations abroad keep developing.


We attach great importance to the development of this framework, which improves, when we globally bring together "hearts and goals".


We hope that the footsteps of this giant, founded 113 years ago to compete and beat the non-Turkish teams, will keep being heard all around the world.


We are Galatasaray!

A Message from our Chairman

Dear members,

Having been involved with the association since the foundation steps were taken in 2008, I have had the honour to serve as a founding member, board member, Secretary General and a member of the Disciplinary Committee.  I am proud to be the current and the third Chairman in our association’s history and look forward to serving you and progressing our association further.

I would like to thank all those who have contributed to our association to date and I welcome those who would like to join us and help us take our future steps. 

Like many other associations, one of the challenges we face is ensuring membership numbers are increased and membership fees are paid. With this new website, we provide an online facility to register, renew and pay for your and your family’s membership. I ask for all our current and new members to sign up using this new service.

Events such as the recent successful football tournament and previous match tours will be organised in the future and priority will be given to current members over new ones. I ask you not to wait until there is an organised event that you would like to attend to become or renew your membership, I ask you to do it now!

Warmest regards,



Galatasaray Supporters Association UK - London

Disciplinary Committee

Audit Committee

Republic Of Turkey Representative